Power and Machinery

Tractors, Engines

Soil Tillage, Fertilization, Seeding and Cultivating systems

Plant Protection Systems

Harvesting and Threshing Technologies

Forage Technologies

Livestock Mechanisation

Irrigation Systems

Structure and Environment

Optimization and Design of Animal, Crop and Horticultural Buildings and Equipments,

Relationship Between Agricultural Machinery and Environment,

Waste Management

Environmental Protection

Energy in Agriculture

New and Renewable Energy Sources

Bio-Energy Sources

Energy Utilization and Management

Energy Conservation

Information and Communication Technologies

Precision Farming

Geographical Information Systems

Using of Information Technologies in Agriculture

Automation and Emerging Technologies in Agriculture

Automation , Control and Support Systems


Management, Ergonomics, System Engineering in Agriculture

Farm Management

Labor and Work Planning and Optimisation

Improving Health of Agricultural Machinery Users

Ergonomics and Safety of Workers

Post-Harvest Technologies and Process Engineering

Drying and Storage of Agricultural and Food Materials

Processing Technologies and Engineering

Sorting, Handling and Packaging Technologies

Physical Properties of Food or non-food Materials

Agricultural Engineering Education

Biosystem Engineering